English Medium Senior Secondary School
Sector-4, Bhilai (C.G.)

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Principal Message

Eng. Med. Senior Secondary School, Sector-IV , Bhilai started in the year 1978. The school is run by Bhilai Steel Plant, a flagship unit of Steel Authority of India Limited. The team of Senior Secondary School, Sector-IV is dedicated to provide the quality education in the Present scenario to meet the challenges of future. Enhancement of ethical and moral values is the need of the hour.

Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, and also something less tangible and more profound; the imparting of knowledge, good  judgments & wisdom. One of the most fundamental goals of education is to impart culture across the generations

Education may be considered a vital process in social sense. Education is important not only for the full development of one’s personality, but also for the sustained growth of the nation. Elementary education in a country, therefore, is the foundation on which the development of every citizen and the nation as a whole hinges

Education in country is planned and developed according to its own philosophy of life in  geographical, social and political atmosphere.
Education is recognized as the mirror of the society and the school as the society in miniature.